Celebrate your natural beauty at Phoenix Hair Locking Studio
Bild the look of Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks® is a natural hair management system, created and trade-marked by
Dr. JoAnne Cornwall, that allows you to make the most of your own hair, without
relaxers, extensions or weaves.

To create Sisterlocks® the hair is meticulously parted and woven into specific grids
and patterns, which results in in average of around 350-400 locks. The main benefit
of these tiny sized locks is their amazing styling versatiltiy. With Sisterlocks® you can wash-and-go, braid twist, curl, cut, colour or simply freestyle. With freestyle you can get up in the morning, lightly spray your hair, comb it with your fingers and away you go. What's more you'll find that even the most fragile hair will grow and grow.
The look you get with Sisterlocks® will vary depending on the texture of your hair.

For the men out there – yes you can get Brotherlocks® too. Brotherlocks® are often sized slightly larger as men are often less interested in styling versatility.

Sisterlocks® can even be put into a relaxed hair, all that it needs is an inch of natural hair growth. Sisterlocks® works best on hair that is coarse and thick. The thicker the hair, the more abundant the locks.